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Everything is Better in Pairs: Finding a Perfect Workout Partner

  • Everything is Better in Pairs: Finding a Perfect Workout Partner

Being committed to a healthy and fit lifestyle is challenging. You will fall into many temptations, and skipping your workout is one of the most frequent ones. A reliable partner may help you stay on the right track, push you harder and help you achieve better results. However, finding such a partner is a challenge of its own. It has to be someone you feel comfortable with, someone that is capable of motivating you and someone who is persistent enough to make it through the whole fitness journey. Here are a few questions you should answer before making your final call.

Is your best friend the best choice?

So, you need a workout partner? Your best friend seems like the logical answer, but is he/she really? Of course, you already enjoy each other’s company and spend a lot of time together, but the fact that you are compatible outside the gym, doesn’t mean you’ll be the right match inside too. Working out with someone usually includes a new level of competition best friends usually don’t share. Also, it will be easy to “forgive” your best buddy for skipping leg day.

Do you have similar goals?

One of the most important qualities you should look for in a workout partner is having the same goals as you do. If you need to lose weight, don’t try to exercise with someone who is trying to gain muscle. Losing weight requires a lot of cardio, while gaining muscle is more focused on weight lifting. While there is nothing wrong in mixing things up a bit, such drastic differences will call for more compromises than you need.

Are you on the same page when it comes to workout intensity?

An ideal partner will share the kind of workout intensity you like to train with. If you prefer a moderate approach, someone who is taking things more lightly will slow you down, while someone who insists on a faster and more efficient physique improvement will, in the best case, push you forward, and in the worst case make regular work outs seem as an impossible goal.

Are you starting at the same skill level?

Having a workout buddy who is on the same skill level or at least around the same skill level will save you a lot of time, because you are both starting from the same point. If, on the other hand, you are an experienced weight lifter, while your friend is a beginner, you are likely to spend half of your training session explaining the right techniques to your friend.

Can you sync your schedules?

This is the most obvious thing to consider. If you are unable to synchronize your schedules, you will never find the time to train together, and you’ll be more tempted to skip a session if your friend can’t show up at that specific time. Also, don’t settle for a night owl if you prefer working out in the morning; find someone who shares that preference. Don’t force yourself to exercise in the evening just to meet the needs of your partner if that doesn’t suit you. Sooner or later, you’ll grow tired of it, and then you might resent working out altogether.

Can your dog be your workout partner?

Finally, if you want to focus on outdoor cardio exercises, your four-legged best buddy can be a great workout partner. You can run, cycle, rollerblade, play active fetch, run up and down the stairs or simply walk with your fuzzy friend. However, when you have strength trainings at the gym, your furry buddy will have to sit that one out. Fortunately, almost every city has pet boarding services, so you won’t have to leave your best workout buddy alone while you’re building muscle at the gym, and you’ll be able to continue with your cardio sessions the very next day.

There is no doubt that a workout buddy can help you feel great and achieve more while exercising. However, in order for this claim to be true, you will need to find a partner who will share your goals and skills, and fit into your enter your text here

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