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Gym Bag Must-Haves

  • Gym Bag Must-Haves

All the regular gym members know that packing a perfect gym bag is essential for a good workout session. A fully-stocked bag with the all the pre- and post-training necessities is a crucial part of every workout, so you must know exactly what to pack it with. If you thought all you needed was spare clothes, a towel and a bottle of water, think again. There are so many supplies that will find their place in your gym bag and make your workout a true bliss.


A good and exhausting workout can sometimes be too much for your body, which is why you should make sure it doesn’t get hurt. A training belt will secure your spine from any injuries and offer you comfort as well. Therefore, be sure to make it an inseparable part of your gym bag essentials.

Hand sanitizer

Have you ever thought about how many doorknobs you touch during the day or just on your way to the gym? What’s more, have you thought about how many people have touched the gym equipment before you? Well, if you haven’t, think about it now, and you’ll realize the hand sanitizer is an indispensable part of the gym bag you’ll never fail to bring with you again.


You shouldn’t even imagine walking out of the gym before showering and freshening up. Therefore, pack a shower gel, deodorant, and a shampoo if you want your hair washed as well. Taking care of your skin is paramount to keeping it radiant and elastic. Having that said, don’t forget to bring the moisturizer and some of the best Dermalogica skin care products that will keep your skin supple and nourished.

Water bottle

Staying hydrated during the workout is essential for your health and stamina, so don’t forget to pack a water bottle as well. Drinking from a gym water fountain can cause bloating if you swallow down some gulps of air. What’s more, having your own water bottle next to you won’t last longer than a couple of seconds, unlike walking to the water fountain and wasting precious time.


An additional pair of training shoes is simply a must. Working out in the same pair you’ve worn on your way to the gym is unhealthy and unsanitary. Therefore, don’t put you and the other people in the gym in jeopardy of inhaling the dust from the outside, and pack your gym bag with a pair of gym shoes.

Face wipes

Face wipes are perfect both for before and after the workout, which is why they must have their own place in the gym bag. Wearing makeup during the workout is unacceptable for the skin, so in case you’ve forgotten to take it off at home, face wipes can help. After the workout, they’re great for freshening up the face.

Spare clothes

Considering you’ll take a shower after the workout, you should bring along a set of clean underwear and clothes. Even if you don’t like to shower at the gym, but simply dry with a towel, you must change your sweaty underwear.

Dry shampoo

By far the best innovation of the modern times is a dry shampoo. This little miracle worker will instantly transform a damp tangled mess of your hair into a decent hairstyle. Dry the hair with a towel, spray a bit of dry shampoo, and no one will notice your hair is more than ready for a good wash.

Final thoughts

In order to feel and look great after the workout, you must be equipped with all the essentials. So, the next time you start packing your gym bag, don’t forget to stock it up with a training belt, hand sanitizer, your favorite cosmetics, a water bottle, a spare pair of shoes, a set of clean clothes, dry shampoo, and face wipes.

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