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Fitness Routines You Should Include in Your Regimen

  • Fitness Routines You Should Include in Your Regimen

According to experts, 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day and strength training sessions twice a week are required for keeping your body in shape. Alternatively, you can break a large training session into a few smaller ones, and accomplish your daily quota by doing a 10 minute session several times a day. However, regardless of the longevity of your training session, you should know that each fitness regimen should include a few key components.

Work on your strength

A fitness program must contain strength training in order to be effective. When you aim towards increasing muscular fitness and bone strength, make sure you include all major muscle groups into your workout. Making strength training a part of your fitness regimen at least twice a week will also help you lose weight, or keep your current weight balanced. Aside from effective resistance machines at the gym, you can also use hand-held or homemade weights such as plastic bottles filled with water. Resistance bands, leg squats, abdominal crunches, pull-ups and push-ups are all the exercises you should include into your fitness regimen, in order to have an effective workout.

Jumping, jogging and endurance activities

Aerobic exercises include any physical activity that increases your heart rate as you use large muscle groups during the workout. Walking, swimming, dancing, jogging, and jumping are some of the best exercises that will cause you to breathe faster, increase your heart rate and blood flow. Trampoline based jumping is one of the fitness trends that became very popular in Japan, and has soon spread through the entire world. So, if you’d like to burn up to 800 calories in a 45-minute session, invest in some comfortable compression clothing and follow the Japanese trend of trampoline-jumping. Including this routine into your fitness regimen will not only help you relieve stress and boost your metabolism, but it will also make your routine physical tasks as running to catch the bus, much easier.

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Improve your flexibility

Including stretching into your workout routine is an excellent idea, since it is the best way to improve your flexibility. It will also promote better posture, reduce tightness, and improve the range of motion of your joints. After you’re done with your high-impact workout, use the last 5 minutes to stretch while your muscles are warm. Moreover, you should do a few stretching exercises before the training, to avoid any injuries. Triceps stretch, standing hamstring stretch, piriformis stretch and figure four stretch are just some of the routines that will help you stretch your neck, back, shoulders, glutes, hips, and triceps and keep you safe from injuries.

Balance exercises

Balance tends to deteriorate with age, so it’s recommended that you include balance exercises to your workout regimen. Balance training helps stabilize your core muscles and prevent falls, which will also keep you steady during your everyday activities, such as leaning over to tie your shoes. Therefore, include standing on one leg for a few seconds in your exercise plan. Furthermore, you can stand with your weight on one leg and raise the other leg to the side or behind you, or some challenging yoga poses to see how balanced you are.

Final thoughts

Your workout will be effective only when you incorporate all the key elements into it. Therefore, if you’re planning to start working out regularly, or you want to improve your current fitness regimen, make sure you cover all the bases and workout effectively for at least 150 minutes a week. Do cardio exercises such as jogging, work on your strength by doing pull-ups and abdominal crunches, improve the flexibility by stretching and don’t forget to pay attention to your balance.

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