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Fitness Gear that Will Improve Your Performance

  • Fitness Gear that Will Improve Your Performance

Every true fitness aficionado is always looking for some way to further enhance their performance. And it doesn't matter whether you like to hit the weights in the gym or you're into CrossFit and other various programs, having proper fitness gear is something that should be a priority if you are serious about your fitness progress. We aren't saying that loose and comfortable varsity tee won't serve you well but by investing in some good workout gear you could greatly improve the benefits of exercising. So, let's see what you can do to aid your performance.

Proper clothes

Wearing the right fitness clothes can shift your mental perception and encourage you to perform better while exercising. According to Dr. Jonathan Fader, sports psychologist for the NY Mets, putting on fitness gear is similar to an actor putting on a costume for a performance. Therefore, when you put on your leggings and tank top, you'll be more inclined to be active but you'll also feel more confident in what you can do. That means better focus, motivation and more gains! The key is to find the right exercise clothes that will be there for your body while you work out. The right exercise clothes impact your physical performance, as well as your mental perspective. Weightlifters wear bodybuilding clothes to flatter their bulky physique and because the clothes are made out of quality fabrics designed to help their skin breathe throughout their workouts. That way they’ll be more confident and will be able to get the most out of their workouts. If you really have no idea of what specific shirt or shorts you want, we advise you to buy a t-shirt made out of lean materials that will let you move and allow your skin to breathe. The same applies to shorts.

All-too-important footwear

Many gym-goers fail to recognize the importance of wearing proper shoes at the gym. Many also prioritize fashion over functionality. Do not do that! Your feet have to breathe and be comfortable. Also, selecting the right pair of training shoes depends on the type of the workout. For example, weightlifters go for shoes with thick soles that won't give out on them during the workout. That way, they are minimizing the risk of ankle and knee injuries. Runners always choose light shoes with foamy soles. Another important thing is to find the right size. Fail to find the right size of shoes for you and you'll end up with some annoying blisters. Of course, the most important thing is to avoid cheap alternatives to the real deal. Remember, a pair of knock-offs can never replace a real pair of Nike shoes. On top of that, renowned brands such as Nike, always offer stylish sneakers that are both reliable and comfortable. That's why you'll always see LeBron James, for example, wearing the top of the line, brand new Nike shoes every single game.


Even though gadgets aren't crucial for your fitness experience, they can help you keep track of your performance and make it easier for you to come up with some achievable fitness goals. Many fitness pros nowadays always wear sporty armbands along with sports earphones. And it is easy to see why. Surely, you'd like to work out and listen to your favorite tunes all at the same time. That's where sports earphones come in handy. Should you decide to go for a jog, you won't have to deal with tangling cords or various other problems. Wireless earphones have become a favorite amongst runners, as they have a long battery life, good sound quality, and they don’t get tangled. And while your phone serves as a source of that workout music, it can sometimes double as a pedometer or distance tracker. That's how armbands became popular. Many runners use armbands to avoid sweat intrusion while their phone keeps track of the number of steps they take, the distance and their heart rate.

We hope that you found this article useful and that you'll at least consider investing in new and better fitness gear. Step up your game and improve your performance!

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